The shortest career :)

Minister J. Pagojus made the shortest career in the Lithuanian government: on Tuesday he was appointed as the Minister of Justice. On wednesday he resigned :)  His tenure lasted for one single day.

The reason was very simple: one and a half year ago he has been detained by traffic police when driving intoxicated (0,67 promile). And he tried to hide this fact. But why up to his appointment no one (among the special servives)  was able to publicize this fact ???

Really ?

We still have several unfinished ugly big hotels from very last days of soviet period here. One of then now is in the process of demolition. But surprisingly it was announced that the second one soon will be demolished too and at the place several commercial and residential houses will be built.
Still the remnants looks like this (photos from

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New physical constant :)

Physists know various constants - Planck constant, speed of light, etc. It seems that some constants exists in the area of shopping centers to :))) It is 12 years cycle :)  First big shopping centers built here about 12 years ago are carring out major reconstructions this year. Some time ago  I accdentally showed the reconstruction of shopping center "Molas" (built in 2003-2004). But another and even bigger shopping center "Mega" (built in 2004-2005) is finishing the reconstruction too:

12 years isn't very long time period but even it shows how our understanding of "good shopping center" evolved during this period.

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Dangers of popularity

Definitely Kaunas old town became popular place in last 5-6 years. Unpopular and largely forgotten place in 90's and 00's it suddenly started to find new glory and attractiveness. This is best seen looking to the number of reconstructions, restaurations and what is even more symbolic - the number of new developments. Still Google Maps shows next view of Saint Gertrude street corner with the M. Valančiaus street fixed in June 2012:

Current situation differs significantly from the situation shown on photo.

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What our people needs :)

Last weekend "Žalgiris" arena in Kaunas saw probably the biggest show of the year: performance called "Back to the 90's". It was concert with 4 famous groups of the 1990s: Haddaway, Dr. Alban, Ace of Bace and La Bouche. Arena was completely full - 15000 spectators :) (photos from

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It should to be blockbuster

Last two weeks here in Kaunas are filmed the main scenes for the new Lithuanian film "Owls mountain". I can't remember so massive filming scenes: 35 days, sometimes closed streets, in some areas even electricity supply interrupted for some periods ... Thats all to try recreate the authentic image of the era: the film is devoted to the heroic and tragic period of our history or war after the war.  The blockbuster type film is about the fights of Lithuanian partisans. Action of the film is in the years 1947-1951. Besides Lihuanian actors several Ukrainian actors are engaged in the filming too:

I found only short trailer with the scenes filmed last winter:

It should be interesting to see. In fact best known film about the perod is the ideologically motivated soviet period "No one wanted to die" (1966) or very cheap "Completely alone" (2001).  

Utopia, v 2.0, part 2

Another district which is renovated very actively in Kaunas is the district around R. Kalantos street. Built in 1955-1959 together with the construction of Kaunas hydroelectric power plant it had unofficial name in soviet parlor - "township of energetics". Now this area is also among very actively renovated and regenerated and again the feelings are mixed looking to those old houses:

Lets look briefly.
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Radical solution

Old houses sometimes hides small secrets that are simply hard to understand for modern people. E.g. this is (was) an old small house at the outskirts of Kaunas old town (in a part which some people says is old town while others says that it isn't old town) :

(photo from Google street view from June 2012):

Some time ago the building became uninhabited while about a month ago the reconstruction of it has been started.
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