Its good to be schoolchidren in this country :))

Last week London hosted London's book fair: one of the largest book fairs in the world. As many similar events this event has own awards too. This year Lithuania was surprised: textbook "Economy in 31 hours" (used as the textbook in 9 and 10 year classes) and written by Žilvinas Šilėnas and Marija Vyšniauskaitė has been given the award "The best educational resource in the world" (!!!!!). Interesting that this award is given by the organizers of London's book fair together with the Chinese media and publishing board.

They won a tough competition with other textbooks from Canada, France, Poland, Belgium, Japan ... I am becoming jealous to our schoolchidren :) They are learning from best textbook in the world :) I found that this is not the first award for this textbook: last year the authors received prestigious Templeton award in the USA (and financial premium of 100 thousand USD as an additional bonus ...). For the politicians in this country it is very important since next year the country will be special guest at London's book fair.

Inside you will find the photo of authors. What a modern and advanced  authors these days are writting textbooks (especially female author) :))))

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These are photos of two buildings of "Freda" furniture factory here:

Very simple and completely uninteresting buildings. In principle they are successfull and well to do bussinesmen: their revenues in 2016 were 92 millions EUR and they are almost sure that in 2017 their revenues will be above 100 millions EUR. But I choosed this factory as an illustration for serious process ongoing in our society.
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One more office building here

Few days ago I saw that the construction fence was built right in the city center here. This time its seems that finally will be reconstructed so called "Pramprojektas" building (or former Institute of the industrial construction design). This reconstruction wasn't unexpected (as early as two years ago the building was bought by one of the biggest real estate developers in the country and they were very open that they want to rceonstruct this building).
The problem with this building is that it is one of the best buildings of that period not only in Kaunas and Lithuania but in the wider region as well (built in 1963-1966, designed in 1961, arch. Algimantas Sprindys and Vladas Stauskas):

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How old they became: the big gathering of formers

Coming back home yesterday late in the evening I saw unusual and impressive movement near Kaunas town hall. There were several police cars and a number of limousins. After some moments of thought I rememebered that yesterday we hosted a big gathering of "formers" - former heads of states and other high ranking politicians. The forum was organized by Vytautas Magnus university and was attended not only by former leadrs of Lithuania - Valdas Adamkus and Vytautas Landsbergis - but also by former president of Poland Lech Walesa, former presidents of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma and Viktor Yuschenko, former presidents of Estonia and Moldova - Arnold Ruutel and Petru Luchinschi, former state secretary of Russia Genadyi Burbulis. On occassion we had an opportunity to see how today looks those people who once were well known in their countries at least.  (most photos from that university site

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Why OPEC is near to death or why I like Americans :)

I like Americans because of their inventiveness and the spirit of innovation, the desire to achieve more and more. The next chart is perfect ilustration for this. It shows how the prime cost of the shale oil extraction changed over several past years:

While OPEC is negotiating various extraction cuts to increase the product price artificially and to save their declining budgets (because they are absolutelly incapable to fill their budgets by other means) US technological innovations effectively putting limits to their goals (lets say openely - parasitic aims :)

Report from fastest changing area of Kaunas old town

Sometimes happens something completely unexpected. The area between Karaliaus Mindaugo avenue, Nemuno and Birštono streets is the part of Kaunas old town. It means that from the XVIth century the area was part of the town (was behind town walls). But this area only rarely is treated as the old town. The area which was situated at the inmost corner of the town from the Town hall square, Cathedral, castle and other most prestigious objects of the period attracted only poorest residents. They built only simple wooden houses. None of them had any chances to survive to our days. So the oldest buldings in the quarter goes back only to the XIXth century and what it may be even more important that in the XIXth century and in the XXth century quarter was also not prestigious area. So the quarter lived own life till the very recent time: not far from the center but at the same time somehow isolated:

But unexpectedly something strange occured: the area began to change its face rapidly. It means that developers found the potential for the area to become prestigious place.

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Coincidence ? Or the role of person in history ?

World press presents various interesting charts. As the next one: it shows the trend vector of Russian stock exchange in several past months. Slightly down before the election of Donald Trump, hurry up in the first weeks after the election, moderate growth in later months and back to downward direction in recent weeks. It's interesting that turnaround to the trend down suspiciosuly coincides with the resignation of Michael Flynn ...

That's unique. But if we will see any results ?

About 15 km away from Kauns near suburban resort type Kačerginė for many years exists racing circuit "Nemuno žiedas". This is the single racing circuit of such kind in this country. Many years ago it was used rather intesively but the track degraded in time. Few years ago its management was given to the public non-profit enterprise "Nacionalinis žiedas" (National circuit). They got the circuit with the purpose to rceonstruct. Recently the circuit was visited by the chief engineer of German company "Tilke" - world famous designer of racing circuits - Dirk Schneider (photos from

HIs reaction was surprising: "Wow ! That's unique. I never saw something similar anywhere in the world !".

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