военныe эксперДы

The tragedy with the flight Tehran-Kiev finally was clarified. More or less openly all specialists in the area agreed that almost certainly this plane has been shot down. But what to do when you are self-proclaimed "military expert" but working as a propagandist ?

This set of photos was recently sent and published by several outlets:

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Some statistics. Mainly from Lithuanian sources

Several charts with interesting statistical data. This time mainly from Lithuanian sources. First is the chart produced by Ž. Mauricas, chief economist of Luminor Bank. Initial forecasts shows that economy of this country grown by 3.6-3.7 percent in 2019. Average growth rate in the last three years was 3,9 percent. At the same time growth rate in rich Western European countries was 1,8 percent. This means that we are now at the 79 percent level of GDP per capita of W. Europe. And what is even more important in 3-4 years we have the chance to surpasee 85 percent level. Why this is important ? Because 85 percent was the highest GDP per capita level achieved by this country in the second part of XVIth century:

 The greetings for New Year: let's say in 2023 we never been so close to Western Europe ! And that the biggest possible number of people could feel this as well.

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Most important restoration 2020

The year 2020 only started but it is clear that restoration of building Muitines 2 will be the most important in Kaunas this year. And may be most important in whole country:

In last days of December workers removed scaffoldings. We can see general view. But still building lack several very important details.

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Shortest, longest, most democratic, most original :)

Today I made brief investigation of New Year greetings of different heads of states. And found significant differences. Of course I was unable to perform detailed analysis so these results aren't very detailed.
OK, lets start from Gitanas Nausėda. He is one of my record holders :) His speech is the shortest one among all leaders that I found. He spoke exactly one minute and this the shortest speech

At the same time the speech was rather informal.

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Saying good bye to 2019

Finishing the year 2019 let's post chaotic report what this year left here. One of the most pleasant phenomena is still actively ongoing reconstructions/renovations in the center and Old town. Not all of them are finished yet:

But next New year we will see "Soboras" looking completely different that we were accustomed to see in the last 40 years.

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Real reason to be proud of your country

Martynas Nagevičius is the head of Lithuanian Assocation of Renewable Energy. Time to time I am reading his posts but I am not his fan: he is too radical towards implementation of green policies in my view. But few days ago he posted quite interesting post that I decided to translate and post it here.

This I will do below. On the photo you can see the house of Gitanas Nausėda - President of this country. House is located near Belmontas park in Vilnius:

And here is Martynas Nagevicius post:

"It happened out that yesterday I was walking in Vilnius with my friends from Mali. Most of all they were impressed when we walked in Belmontas with my saying that "this is where the President of Lithuania lives" when we passed the house of G. Nauseda. .
At first, they thought that this was some joke. When they realized that I am not kidding - they asked - maybe this is a summer residence where he is not living ? No, I said, he is here usually when he is not working. And stays overnight. And his wife lives here. They asked - and you can pass nearby and even take pictures, the guards won't get you ? I said: yes, of course. Only do not go over the fence.

A lot of photos will go to Africa now:) They were in total shock. The President of Mali lives in Bamako (the capital of Mali) on a large hill in a palace and the guards prevents even approaching that hill.
Here is what makes democratic European country different from African country. Although Mali is considered to be one of the most democratic countries in Africa, the President is elected there, and time to time even changes are made not by coup but by the election. But the very approach to power is very different. And the attitude of the authorities towards power is very different.
I felt this very sharply when we had the meeting with Energy minister of Mali earlier this year. Everything was very different. The fact that we had to wait one and half an hour at the doors. And by taking away all the cell phones and searching of us before entering the cabinet. And the minister's own station and a sigificance of his persona demonstrated permanently. Even though conversation itself was formal but very friendly I always felt that I am talking to a "great power".
Next week I will be leading my colleague from Mali (Director of Mali Energy Agency) to meet the Lithuanian minister.  This will give them more impressions about how simple this could be in Lithuania.
I am proud of my country ! "

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Hill of Crosses and the Chinese ...

Hill of Crosses is phenomenal place in Lithuania. Located near Šiauliai it attracts attention from foreign tourists. This was the place which painfully (in constant fight) survived soviet period:

Unfortunately today this place again became the place of international attraction. Because of the behaviour of some Chinese tourists

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Competition - the driving force of progress :)

This country now definitely lives the period of optimism :)
Hard to remember when exactly but about 10 years ago media provoked competition among the municipalities in this country: which of the towns and cities will make the most beautifull Christmas tree.  Initialy only several biggest towns took part in this unnoficial competition but now this became national phenomena. Even small district centers are making original Christmas trees :)
So in this report view to the Christmas trees in Lithuania 2019.

Of course I am starting from Kaunas:

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O tempora, o mores :)

Finland is very brave country. This is the country which as the first in the world granted universal voting rights as well as the rights to be elected for women. Now we got the message that five parites - Social-Democrats, Left Alliance, Green League, Centre Party and Swedish Democrats of Finland - will form the new government. This was the result of negotiations held by five leaders of those parties. In the photo you can see the leaders of those 5 Finnish parties:)

The leader of the biggest coalition member - Sanna Marin (SDP) - will become new Prime-minister of Finland

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Varieties, varieties

Dark December evening I decided to publish my set of various data. Let's start with the results of schoolchildren results according PISA newest evaluation:

Number 3 in the world Estonia, number 8 Poland. I feel jealous to neighbours. World class achievements. This definetely will transform into the economic results as well...

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