My statistics

Again I selected several examples of statistical data. On May 9 here will be commemorated Day of Europe - day of famous Schuman declaration when in 1950 then French foreign minister Robert Schuman formulated his vision of new Europe. This vision was realized and many years later led to the creation of European Union (the most unique organization of different countries known in history). On May 1 this country celebrated 17th anniversary of membership in the EU. The next chart from  Z. Mauricas well shows why residents of  this country are among the most biggest supporters of EU. In 2004 we were second poorest country in EU (only Latvia was behind and Romania and Bulgaria still not the members of EU). In those 17 years many things happened:

According GDP per capita this country was able to surpass not only some CEE countries as Hungary but some others too: in 2013 this country surpassed Greece (of course largely due to the deep troubles in Greece economy), in 2017 surpassed Portugal and in 2020 slightly even Spain (I perfectly remember when 20 years ago many my compatriots were heading to Spain for seasonal agricultural jobs ...). Whats next ? Likely in 2025-2027 this country will surpass Italy. And ... Thats all. It will be very difficult to catch remaining countries: anyway such countries as Swden, Netherlands or Germany has and likely will have stronger and more advanced industry, technologiies and many other attributes making some countries more advanced than others. Even in the case of Italy the backward southern Italy will help us to catch this country while northern well developed areas still remain ahead of Lithuania.

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Science fiction in practice

Of course military technologies were always among most advanced areas of human creativity. Also it is well known fact that British marines and especially British special forces such as Special Air Service or Special Boat Service are among the best warriors in the world. And they are exceptionally well equiped. But in any case the flying soldier looks really impressive.

Economic growth in 2021 or how Lithuania saves the world :)

Last week we got final confirmation of one nice message: despite the numerous restrictions still active in the first quarter countries economy was able to grow by 1.8 percent. But  this fact hides one very important detail: half (sic!) of the growth has been generated by single company. The name of this company is ThermoFisher Scientific Baltics. The company is part of American biotechnology company ThermoFisher Scientific. When  you hear the words biotechnology company these days almost inevitably you are starting to think that they are related with the most desirable product in the world in 2021 - the vacccines against COVID19. And you will be right: yes, they area:

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Kaunas Vienybes square reconstruction - iF Design Award 2021 !

What concerns modern architecture international recognition this country has one obvious favourite. This is the reconstruction of Vienybes square in Kaunas. Completed in 2020 it already got several prestigious awards including German Design Award 2019. Now likely even bigger recognition. It got iF Design Award 2021 in the category Architecture.  10 thousand projects partcipated from all over the world. Jury composed from 98 professionals representing 21 country of the world. And only 10 projects awarded. Among them Vienybes square in Kaunas :)

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Diplomacy twitter style

Modern diplomacy time to time goes strange ways. Sometimes funny despite that authors likely don't wanted to make fun. As in one of the last cases.
So in more details about this case.On Friday Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia expelled several Russian diplomats identified as the intelligence officers in a sign of solidarity with Czechia. This message has been announced by Lithuanian FM Gabrielius Landsbergis in his Twitter account also. To this message reacted Russian embassy in Belarus. Likely they wanted to attach another hashtag but in fact the result was strange:

Of course such reaction provoked a lot of fun, jokes, memes, etc. Later embassy tried to correct themselves but of course was too late.

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New factor in electricity market

Today is another (likely last for a while) sunny day here. Till October or even November we will have such sunny days periodically here. And please look to the next chart below (chart from Lithuanian electric grid operator Litgrid):

Blue line shows planned consumption of electricity in this country each hour. It is calculated using long term historical data. Red line shows forecasted consumption of electricity in this country each hour. It is calculated 1-2 days in advance and usually is very accurate. While yellow line shows actual consumption of electricity each hour. It is not diffcult to see that actual consumption is lower than forecasted. Why ?

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Photo of the year

The next photo is the candidate to the photo of the year 2021. In photo prime minister Ingrida Šimonytė personaly trying to convince senior women to be vaccinated (not to be afraid) in district center Švenčionys:

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Ques of 2021

Life is interesting phenomena. In recent days in some places in Lithuania you can see huge ques. The problem is especially acute in Vilnius and Klaipeda. See to  this que in Vilnius:

So what these people are waiting  for ?

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I've been vaccinated :)

Today I made my first step back to freedom :) To the life as it was before Mrch 2020. I has been vaccinated by AstraZeneca vaccine. In principle under initial plans I was planned to be vaccinated later. But in recent weeks this country received significantly larger shipments of vaccines (last week alone country received almost 150 thousand doses of vaccines and next Monday the shipment with 45 thousand additional doses is arriving) and this  made situation different. Since many people still are afraid of AstraZeneca vaccine and are ready to wait for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines while I don't have particular preferencies for the type of vaccine  I was invited to Vaccination center. And made my first step back to the normal life :)

So with about 20 percent of countries population vaccinated with at least one dose situation gradually become less tense. And the situation allows to show solidarity. Yesterday 24 European countries reallocated vaccines and made the changes to the shipments schedule. Latvia and Estonia will get additional shipments. Latvia was in very unfavourable situation because this country ordered very many AstraZeneca vaccine doses while this supplier used to be very unreliable supplier in the initial stage. So Latvia has one of the lowest percent of vaccinated people in Europe. Estonia vaccinates succesfully but in recent months this country faces particularly harsh wave of epidemic. So these countries are among those countries that will get more doses in the coming weeks and they will return back them later. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Eva - Maria Liimets posted next tweet:

And you know always it is more pleasant to be donor than to be  recipient . Then you are feeling special sort of pride :)

Sometimes it is possible to find something where nobody expects

This isn't April 1st joke:)
Šilainiai is the last soviet period district in Kaunas. Its construction started in 1984 and according the plans it used to be the  biggest residential district in the city. But the initial plans were never fully realized. Built at the outskirts of the city (till 1980 likely most of the locals treated this area as area out of the city).  The area is far from the Old town or center.
So try to imagine the surprise  of builders and archeologists when at the place of recently started construction site were found ... remains of buildings from middle of XVIIth century and other historical artefacts:

No one had any idea that it is possiblle to find something historic in this area ...

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