How this is done: danger for Achema's plans ?

Two months ago I posted a report ( about unique project that is developed at Lithuanian fertilizer's producer Achema — plans to use hydrolysis to get hydrogen for ammonia production and gradually replace natural gas in this production. E.g. one week ago similar device (but 10 times smaller than planned in Achema) was opened at the famous Norwegian fertilizers producer YARA: the first such production process unit in the world. The prime ministers of Scandinavian countries were present at the opening of the new production unit which shows the importance Nordic countries pay to the importance of such processes.

But the introduction of such process in Achema now is in troubles ...

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I voted

Today I voted in European parliament elections. Soon we will have new European Commission, new head of EC, etc. 

Let us today evaluate what's happened in the years 2019-2023(2024) at least in one area. In renewables area.

Share of renewables in electricity generation in EU in 2019 — 34%

Share of renewables in electricity generation in EU in 2023 — 44%

Expected share of renewables in electricity generation in EU in 2024 — 48%

Share of fossils in electricity generation in EU in 2019 — 39%

Share of fossils in electricity generation in EU in 2023 — 32% (yes, during last four years historic event happened — renewables became the primary source of energy for electricity generation in EU; such fundamental changes happening once in more than 100 years ...). This share could be even lower if Germany not closed nuclear power stations in 2022.

Natural gas imports to EU in 2019 — 405 billion cubic meters

Natural gas imports to EU in 2023 — 315 billion cubic meters

Expected natural gas imports to EU in 2024 — 290 billion cubic meters

And additionally: natural gas imports from Russia to EU in 2019 — 160 billion cubic meters

Natural gas imports from Russia to EU in 2023 — 27 billion cubic meters


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Better not try to cross :)

The new border guard started to guard the border between Lithuania and Belarus. And doing this on a voluntary and free of charge base :)

It is not nice thing to meet such a border guard :)

Seriously: Bears became extinct in Lithuania in the mid-19th century (there were very many bears in the Middle Ages here). But regularly some bears are coming from other areas. Not big bear populations are still living in Latvia and Belarus and typically these are the bears from these countries visiting as a "guests". More rare cases are when bears are coming from Estonia and Russian Pskov and Novgorod regions where really big bear populations are living. 

In recent years these "guests" are more and more frequent and there are some suspicions that bears are coming back to live here. 

Bermuda triangle

It seems that new Bermuda triangle appeared in the world.

Today reached us the news about the crash of helicopter with the Iranian leadership. I don't have any sympathy to these guys, especially when they were  among only two countries in the world so openly helping Russian aggression against Ukraine. But do not forget that few days ago we had incident with Slovak prime minister. And lets look to the details.

When Fico has been attacked ? He has been attacked few days after he returned back from visit to Azerbaijan:

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Coincidence ?

Slovak PM Robert Fico is typical modern populist of CE style. Usually treated as pro-Russian but I think he is first typical populist seeking the votes from the lower-than-average part of society. 

Today he was attacked by terrorist. Phenomena not known in this part of Europe for many many years. Until recently. We still do not know details but it seems that his attacker has interesting bio:

Aurora borealis

Last night whole country was able to see rare phenomena — especially strong northern lights. In principle the phenomena isn't frequently seen here (but not an extraordinary thing) but so strong northern lights happens very rarely:

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Today, May 9, 2024, was an important day for the Lithuanian military: the first four shots did HIMARS — High Mobility Rocket Artillery System. System which became nearly legend in the region:

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