Aggressors. Not migrants

If earlier these people could be called illegal migrants after such behavior they needs to be called simply aggressors.
Very characteristic that all have their faces covered. And it is not hard to see that nearby standing Belarusian officers with assault rifles.

Today on Polish-Belarusian border:

We will never be only neighbours

These were the words of the President of Poland Andrzej Duda told today in the Parliament of Lithuania. These days the country celebrates 230th anniversary of the Mutual Pledge of Two Nations of 20th October 1791. This was the first (and likely would be most important) amendment to the May 3 1791 Constitution. The first written Constitution in Europe (several months ahead of French Constitution) and second in the world (after US Constitution).
Original of the Constitution was transported to Vilnius few days ago:

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Signs from WWI

Big Bertha was one of legendary German cannons used in WWI. It was massive: caliber 420 mm, weight of the projectile 800 kg. The destruction caused by such canon was awesome:

Kaunas is one of those very very few remaining places in the world where you still can see the destruction done by this canon. For my surprise some places were made recently even better visible. I found one new video and was amazed.

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At the beginning of the road

There are a lot of talks about the energy crisis in Europe. We started very big transition with the epochal changes in front of us. There will be some uneasy days but even today we can see the first results of this transition.
Here are three charts. First chart shows actual consumption of electricity in Lithuania on Friday, October 12, 2018:

We see that consumption increases in the morning (at 6-8 a.m.), remains more of less stable till 14-15, then decreases to start rising again at about 19 o'clock. This is normal working day consumption template.

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Removing errors of the past

One of the most characteristic properties of Kaunas is the confluence of two biggest rivers in the country (and not only, e.g. our biggest river Nemunas would be the biggest in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark as well :) But the designers of the past did not exploited this privilege. For them it was ony industrial city situated in relatively favourable place. (Try only to imagine Paris without Seine, London without Thames, Petersburg without Neva and even Berlin without Spree ...)
It seems that slowly this city is starting to correct errors of the past: more and more often new projects are coming closer to the rivers. E.g. today I was close to the new residential apartment complex Kaunorama:

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DDR is dead. Long live DDR ! And other outliers

DDR lived for 41 year. Now this country is dead for 31 year. But looking to the German election results this country is still alive and well to do:

In the popularity of many German parties you can easily see the borders of former DDR :)
Inside you wll find the bigger map and my several comments about outliers among electoral districts.

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To commemorate Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

Last week this country commemorated 400th anniversary of the death of Jan Karol Chodkiewicz (c. 1561- Septemer 24, 1621), Grand Hetman (very often in English this title is translated as Grand Marshal) of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Being very interesting person, patreon of arts and sciences he also was one of the greatest military commanders in Europe (some say even the greatest) of the period:

His military achievements are more than impressive: conqueror of the Swedish army in 1604-1605 (victorious Kircholm battle is millitary masterpiece), commander of MDL troops in Muscovy in 1605-1618 (victorious battles near Smolensk and Pskov and succesfull defender of Smolensk later;  he paved the way for Zolkiewski to capture Moscow), commander of troops against the Ottomans in 1620-1621 (victorious Khotyn battle). And all his victories were achieved despite the fact that his opponents almost allways outnumbered him ...

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The story about taliban persecutions in Moscow :)

This is likely most famous Afghans in Lithuania. They became famous few weeks ago:

For the first time they tried to illegaly cross the border from Belarus on September 5 but were moved back to Belarus by Lithuanian border guards. Then they tried to find the legal support and found it in the name of two women and one man: legal adviser of UNHCR Vladimir Sinev, Vilnius attorney Asta Astrauskiene and Red Cross volunteer Laura. Attorney filled the suite against Lithuania to European Court of Human Rights stating that they fled Afghanistan because being liberal Westernized Afghans they are particularly vulnerable to taliban reprisals. On September 8 ECHR made a decision stating that if they are in Lithuanian teritory Lithuania needs not to push them back to Belarus (rumours that decision was made by judges from Bulgaria and Armenia). Having the copy of Court's decision they again tried to enter Lithuania on September 9 but were pushed back to Belarus because court stated that Lithuania needs not to return them back to Belarus if they are in Lithuania. Then they dissapeared for few days but returned back on September 14.

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