Our brave new world

We are still living in the the fluctuating migrant crisis: every day scores of illegal immigrants are crossing the border from Belarus. This number never droped below 30 per day  in recent months. Average is likely about 70 people while on some days maximum numbers are reaching 150-160:

While this crisis is clearly orchestrated by Lukashenko regime we must understand that different migration crisis will occur in comming decades more and more  often.

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Exotic break

Today President of Lithuania and prime minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez had joint press conference at Siauliai air force base. To have a nicer and more impressive view the press conference was organized in front of Spanish jet fighter "Typhoon". Unexpectedly they were forced to make a break during press conference. Not very often press conferences are broken since the military needs to initiate combat mission :)

For the free time: who are the best

Let's have some rest. For the rest I found several performances of famous Jeerusalema challenge done eearly spring by employees of ambulance services in some Lithuanian cities and towns. These are the people who really saw corona-crisis

Let's start from Vilnius:

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We are at war

156  - the number of illegal immigrants that crossed the border from Belarus on Friday night.
116 -  the number of illegal immigrants that crossed the border from Belarus on Saturday night.
160  -  the number of illegal immigrants that crossed the border from Belarus on Sunday night.
134 - the number of illegal immigrants that crossed the border from Belarus on Monday night.
Absolute majority are single males in their 20s. Most of them are citizens of Iraq, many citizens of Iran, Syria, Tajikistan, Russia. Very few citizens of Belarus. They are usually well instructed how to behave on the border: immeditaley to raise the hands and to shout "Asylum, asylum". Which means that they are asking for political refuge and this forces Lithuanian border guards start long and painfull checking procedure who they are in reallity and if they are really persecuted in their homelands. They can't be deported while this checking procedure is not finshed ...

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To commemorate the end of the quarantine

Today - 1st of July 2021 - the quarantine officially ended in this country. It was officially declared on 12 November 2020, significantly tightened on December 16, since February 18 gradually released ... Anyway it's fine to know this. To commemorate the end of quarantine  this report :)

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Illusions and reality

When I found this I had a moment of fun :)
The woman in the photo is called Alex Polizzi. She is from London. She is former restaurant chief, former head of one the restaurant associations in Britain. And of course she is business owner. But for us it is interesting that she was very vocal Brexiteer:

5 years later she has completely different view on Brexit :) And in her case she has even completely different work type and organization:
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Sharing is caring

When the situation with the vaccination is improved drastically in Europe (as well as the US) the flow of vaccines to other regions is starting too. Surprisingly or not but the Baltic states are among the world leaders in this play :)
Yesterday bold move made Estonia: this country is donating 900 thousand jabs to the countries in need. The vast majority of vaccines will go to the eastern partnership countries (500 thousand doses) while remaining 400 thousand doses will go to the UN.

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia got special attention from Estonia. Ukraine will get 200 thousand doses:

Moldova and Georgia will get 100 thousand doses each:

Armenia and Azerbaijan will get 50 thousand doses vaccines each from Estonia.
Lithuania still remains with 200 thousand doses donated (100 thousand to Ukraine ,  15thousand to Moldova and Georgia each while the recipients of 70 thousand weren't decided at a moment of donation) but made this very early: at the begining of May:

Lithuania will donate 200,000 COVID-19 vaccine shots to its eastern European neighbours including 100,000 to Ukraine, the government said on Friday.

Only later US donated 25 million doses, EU agreed to donate 100 million doses (75 million doses Germany, France and Germany alone), etc. And whats about the country of origin of this disaster and the candidate for the status of superpower - China ? This country donated less than 23 million doses or nearly 50 times less per capita than Estonia or about 15 times per capita less than EU.


It took 3 years to organize the first meeting of President of Lithuania and then President of USA Barack Obama.
It took 1.5 year to organize the first meeting of President of Lithuania and then President of USA Donald Trump.
It took 5 months to organize the first meeting of President of Lithuania and then President of USA Joseph Biden.

And finally: in 2023 the NATO summit will be held in Lithuania. It means that heads of 28 countries and governments will arrive here.