Polonia restituta - 100 !

Today Poland marks 100th anniversary of restoration of independence. Two days ago Lithuanian railways sent original gift to neighboring country: 7 locomotives performed Polish national anthem.
And got many many warm welcomes from Polish citizens (such private initiatives sometimes makes significantly more to friendly relations than most of the political initiatives).
Congratulations to Poland !

Super ambitious Asia

Last week two extraodinary events occured. And both in Asia. Both these events where largely unnoticed in Europe but they are representatives of modern trend.
In India, state of Gujarat, largest sculpture in the world has been built: so called Statue of Unity it memorizes Mahatma Ghandi:

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Remember them

Tommorow will be the All saints day - the day when we usually remember those who passed away. Of course we are remembering our nearest relatives or close friends most often. But let us remember also those who lived here and took part in the creation of the basis we are using today many years ago. In almost every older cemetery we can find the graves of people who lived  here more than 100 years ago. Among such graves we can find interesting examples. My few photos made in the old Raudondvaris cemetery - one of the closest Kaunas suburbs. Very close to the entrance we can find this:

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School - modern style

Changing residential habits of our people (in particular the desire to live in a house or cottage in a suburban area) started to forse to build new schools in the areas previously treated as having to few residents to have a school. On occassion I made a glimse at the newly build primary school in the Romainiai suburban area:

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Hollywood again or Vilnius in the role of St. Petersburgh

This year is rich with the news about top world's filmmakers shooting their new creations in this country. I wrote about this phenomena and I had the occassion to see how such heavyweights as HBO were shooting their new series "Chernobyl" in this country and particularly in Kaunas (Kaunas played the role of Moscow then :) Last Tuesday being in Vilnius I was surprised and slightly angered that parts of Vilnius old town were closed to drive and to walk. At home I found that Hollywood again returned back to Lithuania: HBO with Sky Atlantic is back in this country and shooting their new series called "Catherine the Great". This time Vilnius plays the role of St. Petersburgh :) (some shooting will be done in other places of this country too and in Latvia). In the role of empress - Helen Mirren personally !  (photos from lrytas.lt)

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How stadiums are dissapearing

Some time ago I wrote that Darius and Girenas stadium in Kaunas is going under reconstruction. During reconstruction bigger part of the old stadium will be demolished and new one will be built (very similar to situation with old Wembley :) Now demoslition started and for a few months we will have the opportunity to see how the old stadium will dissapear.

Not every day we have the opportunity to see demolition of staium :)

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Then and now

Google Street View makes invalaubel source of information showing how our life (urban look in this case) changes. While Google did not changed views made in 2012-2013 let us to document some changes that happened here in 2018:

This photo has nothing in common with the views shown inside :)
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Mania, part 1

One of the obssesions of current Kaunas municipal leaders is the reconstruction of the city parks. Soon (probably in 2019 or at least 2020) there will be no not reconstructed parks. Some of the results could be seen even today. So today I am proposing walking around Dainavos park (it even doesn't resemble park - for me this is sort of planted square situated in the typicall commieblock area from the 1970s):

So rather boring walk through the park
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