Phrase of the week

The comment of the Macedonian foreign minister this week may compete for the title Phrase of the week:

I knew nothing about this phrase when I made next photo near one of construction sites here. I accidentally spoted a group of young (most of them in their 30s) male workers accurately doing their job. They spoke unknown language:
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I saw it. Its amazing :)

This year State Day celebrations in Lithuania had strong aviation imprint. In Kaunas it was simultaneous start of more than 100 air baloons. At the same time in Palanga it was special show of Red Bulls aviation team and paratrooper Dani Roman.
With my family I attended the Kaunas event. What I can say ? It was simply amazing :)

This time I simply tried to observe the event. And here you will find the photos made by others and published at

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Seeking the record

On July 6 this country is celebrating Day of State: the day when in 1253 has been crown the first (and the last) king of Kingdom Lithuania - Mindaugas. As part of this year celebrations on July 6-8th people from various countries of the world will try to lift the record number of air baloons in gthe sky over Kaunas. From the Nemunas island they want to lift at least 100 baloons, Today there were some repetition:

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The different sizes of the countries. By export

The next chart is beeing floating on internet and has been produced by people from such prestigious organization as World economic forum with the collaboration of World trade organization. On this map sizes of the countries coresponds to the gross value of the export of goods and services that economy of that country is able to produce:

Not big surprise that the biggest country on the map is China - the biggest exporter in the world (2263 billions USD). The second country by size is United States (1574 USD). Here too isn't big surprise: the first two countries are simply big. The third biggest exporter is Germany (1448 billion USD). This fact is well known but in fact is surprising: 85 millions Germans are able to export almost the same amount of goods and services as 320 millions Americans.
But for us more interesting thing is how Lithuania looks like in this context. The first observation and the good thing is that Lithuania is seen on the map. The main conclusion - map shows that Lithuania definetely belong to the group of Central European countries: our exports per capita are similar to the exports per capita of that countries. With 30 billion USD exported goods and services we have similar size of export as another very similar by size country from this region - Slovenia. 3.5 times bigger than our country - Hungary - also has about 3.5 times bigger export. We slightly ahead of Poland by the size of export per capita. E. g. we definetely ahead of such country as Romania: country 6-7 times bigger by population has about 2.5 times bigger export. And we are significantly ahead of all countries to the east: Belarus with 29 billion USD export is three times bigger than we are, Ukraine with 43 billions USD exported goods is at least 12-15 times bigger than we, Kazakhstan with all its oil, gas and other mineral resources is able to earn from export only 48 billions USD, Russian export is about 10 times bigger while proportionally should be 40 times bigger.
At the same time we see how far we are from Western European countries: such giants as Belgium (430 billions), Netherlands (652 billions) or Switzerland (300 billions USD). Any country from Western Europe is far ahead of us.
The bright size is that even nominally we are in front of such giant countries as Pakistan (22 billions) or Egypt (26 billions) and have very similar export to such giant country as Bangladesh ...

OMG: second treasure found in two days

On Monday I wrote about amazing treasure found during reconstruction of central street of Kaunas: dish with about 350 coins from the period of Sigismundus Augustus was found. But Wednesday produced even more amazing and shocking news: the second treasure with about 400 coins from XVIth century has been found in Laisves aleja  !!!!

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In 2011 now not published weekly magazine Veidas used one of the best covers in modern Lithuanian periodic "Lithuanian europeization road: Homo sovieticus - Homo Lituanus - Homo europeensis":

The title says: "The seven years in EU changed us a lot but did not made from us Europeans". Now seven more years passed. We are still not the full Europeans but the progress made is amazing. It is interesting to see some statistical facts, e.g. how in ten years the number of violent deaths changed in this country.

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You may find something where you can't

This Monday was unusual for the workers in Kaunas downtown: during ongoing reconstruction of Laisves aleja - central street of Kaunas - they found the treasure: about 350 coins from the period of Sigismundus Augustus. The treasure was found almost exactly in front of modern municipality :)

The most interesting thing is that the place where treasure was found was uninhabited in XVIth century and has been urbanised only in XIXth century.

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View from toilet window

These views I captured through the toilet window of public window. This year May and Jyne are very favourable months for such power stations:

Now still rarity but probably in 10-15 years up to 80 percent buildings may have such roofs:2 photosCollapse )

Season of monuments

I wrote about this monumnet some time ago (, I saw it before official opening. I definetely will come to see it again with camera. The monument created by famous Dutch sculptor and light artist Giny Vos and devoted to Jan Zwartendijk - Dutch consul in Kaunas in 1940 - is for sure new word in the row of our monuments (photos from

Few days ago it has been officially opened.

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