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It's time to say goodbye

One more industrial object is under demolition here  in Kaunas. This time is the factory which ones belonged to the "Drobe" textile industrial union (in fact it was historic "Lima" textile factory). This factory was one of the least aggressive examples of industrial architecture of 1970s:

The textile factory "Lima" was built here in 1937. Initial project was prepared by the one of the pioneers of ferroconcrete technologies in Lithuania and the author of such famous building as Kaunas sports hall - Anatolij Rozenblium. In 1971 the "Lima" factory was joined with another textile factory "Drobe" forming the textile industrial union "Drobe" (later two more factories were joined to this union). Sometime in the 1970s new industrial buildings were built at the "Lima" factory place. So only very few old industrial buildings remained. But since in the 1970s old "Lima" was close to the center the architecture of the newly built constructions was significantly better than typically was used at this period.
The years 2005 - 2010 weren't easy for the "Drobe". As a result "Drobe" changed it's owners several times and there were not only local businessmen but also people from Finland, Sweden, later Russia. All their attempts failed and this spring the brand name "Drobe" was bought by another Kaunas enterprise. Only one thing was that the new company has their own newly built buildings, own equipment and all they needed was the historic brand name :) The industrial complexes of old company were left unused. But since they were located in quite good place they were successfully sold. The new owners (it seems that they are Finnish company and don't have any interest in textile industry) wants completely to redesign and to rebuild former "Lima". 

So it's time to say goodbye for the one of the best examples of 1970s industrial architecture here. And to wait what new look this place will get.

Panoramic view these days:

Here probably was administrative building:

Near  main entrance small part of the complex still has the windows :)

The remaining old building from the 1930s - then here was the entrance:

From other side:

"Lima" once had own power station:

Many buildings from the complex of course are damned:

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