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Nimes / Nemausus - more than 2000 years in history, part 2

Next dose of views from Nimes. Today we will go to the old town of Nimes:

After taking our places in the hotel we soon began the exploration of the old town of Nimes. The old town was very close from the hotel so first we began the exploration of this town from it's old part.

The protestant church - here called Grande Temple - (built in 1793) was very close to our hotel:

Then we began our deeper exploration of the old town. Way to the old town:

Many famous houses in Nimes are difficult to find since they are "imprinted" in the general street landscape as this consistory building (XIIIth-XVIth centuries):

The Cathedral of Nimes - the first of great Nimes monuments. The cathedral of Nimes is dedicated to the St. Castor of Apt The church here was built in Vth century but the Cathedral was built in XIth and has been consecrated in 1096 by Pope Urbain II. Between 1567 and 1621 cathedral was significantly reconstructed but maintained many details from Romenesque church:

Famous Romanesque details from XIth - XIIth centuries on the facade:

Inside the cathedral:

Typical shape of sanctified water reservoir in this part of France:

Near the cathedral you can find former palace of Nimes bishop (now art museum) (built in 1680s):

Modern fountain near cathedral and palace:

Cathedral at night:

On the other side of this small square you can find so - called "Maison Romain" - Romanesque residential building from XIth-XIIth centuries (500 km to the east and you can't find anything of such kind ...). Unfortunately I made it's photo only in the evening - despite that building has been reconstructed many times it's ground floor maintained many details from that period:

Going further - clock tower from XIXth century:

Same place at night:

One more church (which name I forgot). It was built in 1220s and reconstructed around 1600:

Atmosphere of Nimes:

Besides many medieval churches you can find many XIXth century historism period churches in Nimes too:

Then somehow we found the way to the first great antique period monument in Nimes:

Maison Carree (Rectangular Square) is one of the best preserved Roman temples in the world. Built about 19 BC by the Agrippa. The temples architecture largely followed the architecture of Apollon temple in Rome:

These days inside the temple is presented short 3D film about 2000 years of Nimes history:

 In front of Maison Carree was built Carree de Art in 1991 by world famous architect Norman Foster (for me nothing special ...):

Monument to Markus Antonius (XVIIIth century only :))) once remembers you that you are in the town with 2000 years history:

The streets going away from the old town:

Next time we will go to Jardins before coming back to old town

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