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Splendors and mieseries of renovation, part 5 - 2011

Today is another part about what's good and bad saw in the area of buildings renovation here in 2011:

Returning back to the renovation of school buildings: some of them were renovated really "as cheap as possible". Here are the examples of two renovated schools built using the last soviet period design (they were built in 1989 and 1990). Ugly renovation:

One of them:

I am close to one school and looking to the another:

Another school:

The renovation of the nurses faculty of Kaunas college (former Medical school). The building is located in the old town and the single good thing here was that ceramic tiles were used after renovation instead metallic roof used in 1993 or 1994. The building in August 2011:

And the situation in November 2011:

Renovation of  former Kaunas medical university clinics buildings. This photo I made in summer of 2010 - clinic of gynecology and obstetrics (built in 1974):

And the same building in October 2011 - I don't know who and why but for the renovation of this buildings more expensive materials were used:

From other side:

Other KMUK buildings are renovated using cheaper methods. The endocrinology clinics in summer 2010:

The same building in October 2011:

Neurosurgery clinic in 2010 (the next building in the photo):

Same building from other side in October 2011:

Oncology clinic (built in 1981-1983) - they are situated in entirely different place but architecture was very similar to many other KMUK buildings. In this case there was attempt to mimic the old look . Mhm, I don''t know ...

Renovation of "Kalnieciai" policlinic. The building in July 2011:

Same building in September 2011:

And the situation in November 2011 (now project is finished):

In the area of renovation of residential buildings nothing special. The cheapest possible case is applied usually. E.g. I had the opportunity the renovation of this residential building (built in 1987) which is situated not far from my workplace.

The situation in October 2010:

The situation in October 2011:

The building in my neighborhood:

I posted this photo last September since I was afraid that some renovators will be too much "efficient" and will cover original details of this late XVIIIth - XIXth century building:

The case was partial renovation ...

The best case for the lower class residents renovation. Original dormitory and it's just renovated neighbor:

This case could be called renovation only conditionally. The more correct term will be reconstruction. Former textile factory "Mada" near bus station was the very typical 1970s white block. After reconstruction it will became hotel:

Renovation of "Registry center" (this is state run organization which register and maintains all state databases in Lithuania - from birth and death through the registration of enterprises till the cars registration, etc.). Very average indeed:

The main facade wasn't finished in October (now yes):

And the renovation of industrial buildings - if the decisions used often aren't good but in any case the situation most often is better after renovation than before. E. g. some of the buildings of "Baltija" factory:

Situation in July:

Situation in October (now this part is finished but it could be that they will continue the renovation of other buildings). Solution cheap but for the industrial building that may be enough:

For the better renovation I selected only the renovation of this pre-WWII suburban house and conversion of it to the social center:

Here I want to finish my overview of renovation of 2011. The good or bad they are the good thing is that they has own impact to the fact the year 2011 was the fourth consecutive year when the consumption of energy went down in Europe (and the third year went down in North America too). In the 2011 Europe used 7% less oil and gas than in 2007.

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