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Švenčionys - one of the most eastern towns in Lithuania

Last week I had occasion to visit Švenčionys - one of the most eastern district centers in Lithuania. And here is short
photo report about this small town.

Švenčionys is one of the most eastern towns in my country. Located about 90 km to the north east from Vilnius and only about 10 km from Belorussian border. Today Švencionys has about 5,5 thousand residents and is also one of the smallest district centers in Lithuania.
But Švenčionys are about the same age as Vilnius (and may be even older) residential place. Ethnic composition of town is also mixed: while majority of residents are Lithuanians there are sizeable Polish and Belorussian groups.

So let's go and let's see.

Several km to the south from Švenčionys is small village called Zalavas. In this place was born legendary president of prewar Poland field marshal Juzef Pilsudski. Now his native home is under reconstruction and is the place often visited by Polish tourists:

Now we are in the Švenčionys and first photo is the general view to the central square:

Modern catholic church of Švenčionys is built around 1895 (first church was built in 1414):

Next to the church is museum building:

And several older provincial buildings from the late XIXth century:

On this building I found such a funny sign:

In front of the church is the local park with clearly recently built monument to honor Nalšia people (Nalšia - historic Baltic tribes from this area):

Fountain in the park:

And the sign to commemorate Jewish community of Švenčionys parished during Holocaust:

Closeness to Belorussia may be felt looking tro the road signs in Švenčionys:

Main industry here is Švenčionys herbs factory, estblished in 1883. Today factory uses the same place but their buildings are relatively new:

Švenčionys municipality:
Newer building and older building next to each other:

And other state otganizations buildings that are most visible in such a small towns in Lithuania today:

Social security building:

Job center:

But this modern building has more pleasant purpose - Švenčionys art school:

And graffiti in the yard of art school :)))

All these buildings are located on the main street of Švenčionys. Besides them here stands also big but unused Orthodox church from the late XIXth century (almost all residents here including Poles and Belorussians are  Catholic and construction of big Orthodox church was the political not the religious issue):

Some smaller buildings in the main street:

On the other streets of Švenčionys I also found several interesting buildings. This mansion today is used as a shelter for children from the families of social risk. Built probably in the second part of XIXth century:

Bank building also clearly from the late XIXth century:

Such buildings in Lithuania shows that town had strong Jewish community:

Chappel for the rebels of 1831 and 1863 at the outskirts ( built in 1896, demolished in 1964, rebuilt in 1989):

And finally - unique shop in Švenčionys: plates says that here is shop of meat and forage: ))))

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