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Avignon - another French wonder, part 4

Today in my Avignon series the main wonder of this town - Les Palais des Papes:

Making some hook in the old town of Avignon we came back to the main wonder of this town - Papal palace:

Here we decided to go inside and visit this giant building. The construction of Papal palace started in 1252. But the real importance palace got and the real expansion started after 1309 when papal curia was moved for nearly hundred years to this French town.
Those who wants to get more info and to see some panoramic views of Papal palace may read of course this or any other info:

But we will do our own photo tour. Frescoes in the first room of palace where tickets are sold:

Passing control we are entering first of the internal yards of the palace:

The doors that saw very many events:

The greatness of the walls:

The ground floor halls are very dark and it was very difficult to take photos inside. Model of the palace:

But some remains of the frescoes I tried to capture:

Going up situation became better. Several more internal yards:

In the galleries of the second floor:

The Grand hall were official ceremonies were held:

The room nearby is the Grand Kitchen :)))

Very tall chimney in the center of kitchen (30 meters) - really impressive:

On the other side of Grand hall is the Chambre du cerf. In this room Popes declared their most important decisions, e.g. to give a crown , etc. If e.g. GD Gediminas has been crowned this decree would be declared in this room:

The schema:

Near this room are private papal apartments. In most parts of the palace you can make photos freely but in some parts this is prohibited. Private papal apartments are one of such places. So this is my hidden camera photo :))

Frescoes in the neighboring room:



Posthumous memorial to pope Clement (VI ?):

Entrance to Grand chapel:

Exhibition of  ... modern art in Grand chapel

American teen girls in the chapel:

Now we are on the roof of the palace. View to the internal yard:

View to the cathedral and old town from the roof:

Going down - external entrance to the Grand chapel:

Another chapel near the exit at the ground floor:

Frescoes on the ceiling:

Toy army at the souvenir shop. But many centuries ago this was one of the most powerfull military structures in the world:

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