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Avignon - another French wonder, part 5

Let's continue our reports about Avignon:

Walking out of the Les Palais des Papes - streets near the backsides of the palace:

Amazing view:

One more cult servant (if I remember well bishop's palace) nearby - very small comparing with other:

Then we went back to the river side but taking other direction:

One more church with tower:

Gates to the church:

We used to walk the street on the photo :))

Going further found one more church - this time baroque one:

And soon we were back near the river - the town walls indicates that we are approaching the end of medieval town:

Near the wall we went back to the other side of the old town. Here the streets has mainly very French (could be seen in very many towns and cities of this country) look:

But sometimes looking to the sidestreets you may find such views:

The wall, one more chappel, etc. - this is backside of Avignon:

XVIIth century chapel - the exterior and interior:

The game of the epochs:

The very back of the Avignon old town:

At the crossing between the medieval town and new ages town - one of the Liceums among the older buildings:

Next we will walk in the new ages town:

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