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How buildings are dying

Last November I posted a short report called "It's time to say goodbye" (http://vyrud.livejournal.com/132314.html#cutid1) about the former textile factory that will be demolished. Two days ago I had the opportunity to see the process in action and to compare the area before and now (the after only will be).

Late October 2011:

Early April 2012:

The process of demolition started in late January or early February. Still it isn't completed but this time I decided to compare the area before and now.

Last Autumn the former administrative building was nearly "alive":

Now this is the last part of the factory that is still under the demolition:

Then and now:

Special machines are working:

This view from October:

And the same place now:

What's interesting: the demolition still under way but the construction of new building has just started - you can clearly see the construction of the new foundation:

Old power station in October still stood:

And now the place is empty:

And only small part of the factory today looks very similar at it looked in October. Then and now:

Spring of changes for a local place ....

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