March 25th, 2009

Irish impressions

Hello to everybody from Atha Cliath ! If you don't know what Atha Cliath is it's shame on you :) I will leave this as a question for you.
After five days in Ireland and only two days left to be there I have some first and fresh impressions about the country. First of all I must to say that I made a lot of photos and will make even more of them in the remaining days. Since Ireland and Dublin aren't too often visited area by the tourists I will present a series of reports about the country. But this I will do only after coming back. 

Country and people are nice here. I feel some particular sympathy to this country since fate of Ireland was particularly tragic and similar to the fate of Lithuania. After nearly three decades of phenomenal economic growth Ireland's population only few years ago reached 4 million. Compare this with 8.5 millions in 1830s. (Areas forming modern Lithuania restored population which they had in 1600 only around 1900).  At the same time population of many other European countries increased their population at a phenomenal pace during the same period.
Anyway today Ireland enjoys highest birth rate in Europe, lowest death rate and highest positive migration in Europe today. Country which had long emigration history became a country with immigration history. Some Irish said to me: it's fine to see Britons coming to Ireland to seek for a job - nothing personal just a fine feeling :)

Several more words about immigrants: all girls room cleaners in my hotel are Russian speaking. Most of them are from Ukraine but also from Russia and Belarus. Yesterday saw several Lithuanian construction workers. Many Polish construction workers also. One interesting observation: people from Eastern Europe occupies many works in construction, autoworkshops, as a factory workers, in hotels, etc. Otherwise all street trade , market trade and various similar places are firmly captured by immigrants from Arab countries or Pakistan and Bangladesh. During all my stay I don't saw single non-white construction worker. My personal impression that they are mainly local Irishmen and people from Eastern Europe (only by facial analysis :)))

That's all for this time and significantly more on my coming back home.