January 9th, 2016

Finnish girls and migrants: a tribute to Finnish women

Lets treat this short report as my reaction to New Year night events in several German cities and first of all in Cologne. Last half century German society metodically is teached humanism principles as not an abstraction but as everyday pattern of behaviour. Often Germans are ready to take the sins of others as their own sins. Half a year ago many German volunteers stood in railway stations in various cities and shouted "Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here !". And very soon they got the gesture of gratitude from the newly arrivals... Particularly German women.
And here are several examples of code of behaviour which could be an example for Germans. Finns were always very strong people. I remember very good sentence about Finland from one book: the nature caused that only the strongest people can survive in this country. Scandinavians are painfully teached not to lie, to be honest and scrupoulous: the values that aren't so worshipped in many cultures from which  migrants are ariving. And do not forget that Finland was the first country in the world were women got all civic rights including the right to vote. It happened 100 years ago - in 1916. (Interesting fact that in December 2015 for the first time the women of Saudi Arabia voted in national elections and received the right to be elected. This was the last country in the world which granted the political rights to women. Compare: Finland 1916, Saudi Arabia 2015).

Here are two clips fro last summer what Finnish girls cashiers do when migrants try to steal the goods :)))

Otherwise there could be more and more such photos as the next one: the photos which could immediately pretend to the ugliest photos of the year 2016: