March 13th, 2016

What a developer !

Status of fortress in XIXth century has left huge remains of historical military architecture in this city. In fact some districts here are the monuments of XIXth century military architecture. All this has one significant problem - the situation and current state of the military buildings (barracks and other buildings). Most of them till the early 1990s belonged to the soviet army. Soviet army wasn't the best user of the historical buildings and in fact didn't care about them. But in 1990s most of these buildings were simply left unused and soon many of them went to the status which could be called tragic. Since 2005 some of these buildings are restored and the process went into the advanced phase: e.g. almost all former barracks earlier used by 7th soviet airborne divsion now are restored and converted to the residential buildings.
But up to date all these restorations were performed on a "single-point basis": some developer buying ruins of the former barrack and converting them. But now one developer decided to go further: to convert whole quarter. It means to restore several XIXth century barracks and former depots, to build several new apartment houses and what is even more surprising - to build school and kindergarten (as well as supermarket but this isn't extraordinary event) !!!

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