March 14th, 2016

Ilusion of patriotism

How to evaluate the patrotism of the people in some country ? Difficult question but one of the best indicators theoreticaly could be the number of people willing to fight (and probably die) for their country. One of the recent surveys shows next percentage in different countries:

The data suggest that Pakistanis and Indians are the best "patriots": the absolue majority of them are ready to fight for their country. Russians are significantly better "patriots" than Americans while Germans could be the best example of "anti-patriotism" (only 18% are ready to fight for their country). The trick is that probably only for Germany these percents are valid: 18% of Germans will really fight for their country. Who could believe that 89% of Pakistanis will realy fight for their country ? Only with their tongues and in the friend company :))) (It's not Pakistanis but Europe is seeing huge hordes of "patriots" from Syria, Iraque, Afghanistan, etc. ready to fight for their country in ... refugee shelters of  Germany or Sweden). Thats defnitely true too for Indians, Russians, Greeks and even probably Americans.