June 2nd, 2016

Madness ...

Sorry for this photo of not good quality. I hope it will be possible to see the crowds of people storming the new shops on the day of their opening. It may look surprising but still the opening of new supermarket chain may invoke popular furore here:

Now about the culprit of this. SInce June 2, 2016 this country made one more step toward normality :) This is irony of course. But since today in Lithuania operates one more supermarket chain - Lidl. The reason of popular furore is that people in this country believe that Lidl will force prices down in this country. Because "abroad everything is cheaper" :) That's mentality often found among ordinary citizens here.  Despite the fact that this opinion isn't grounded by real data (only prices in Poland may be slightly lower than in Lithuania) but "man from the street" often believes so. While Lidl is world famous discounter.
For me more interesting are other facts. Lidl is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the world (ranked in 5-6th places). Schwarz Grupe (part of which is Lidl together with Kaufland) is the second largest retailer in the world: only American Walmart is ahead. And only in 2016 Schwarz Grupe finally came to Lithuania (and they still do not operate in Latvia and Estonia and it doesn't seem that they will start operations in that countries in the coming years). Baltic countries were the single countries of EU were Schwarz Grupe didn't had operations. For the comparison: Lidl opened first stores in Poland in 1994, in Czech Republic and Slovakia in 1995, etc. They have stores in San Marino and Andora, in difficult to reach Malta and Cyprus , etc., etc.  For me this is illustration how deeply Baltic region was removed from the mentality of German business. And it took a time to start to change this mentality.