June 8th, 2016

Lidl, my Lidl

I can not to not return to the hot topic of recent days in this country - Lidl :) Yesterday I made my first visit to this shop :) Crowds were simply awfull and I don't made any purchases. I don't like to wait in big queues. My main aim was to check roughly prices and compare them with the prices in other supermarkets. The comparison left me uneasy why the people huddle in these shops.

For some facts I was surprised. E.g. I was completely surprised that all 2,0% "Pilos" milk (clearly of Polish production since in Lithuania milk is with 2.5% or 3.5% fats) was completely bought out: I saw one middle age man who took last 6 (sic!) packages of this milk. I completely can't understand the reason of such popularity: the price of 1l of this milk is 0.65 EUR. I came to Lidl after visit to another supermarket where I bought 1l 3.5% milk for the price of 0.50 EUR .... I heard the women talking about sour cream price: "what a good price". The 400g 30% "Pilos" sour cream costs 0.85 EUR. Just a half an hour ago I bought 450g 30% sour cream in another supermarket for 0.86 EUR ...
Of course there were some good prices. E.g. 200 g. 83% butter for 0.55 EUR looks attractive (Aktion! price). Some huddling was understandable: e.g. there were very many women in the department of cosmetics. This department sells "Lidl" own brand "Cien" women cosmetics. I completely can not understand the prices of this sector but you can not find "Cien" in any other place except "Lidl". I also was unhappy that people bought out all "Lidl" own brand "Toujours" diapers :)