September 15th, 2016

I am speechless. O-ho-ho ! 146 !

Last winter was announced that new national science and technology center "Science island" will be built in Nemunas river island in Kaunas (

There were no project for the center at that time and it was announced competition to design the new center. This time the situation was unique in the sense that the organization of the architectural competition was given to the world-famous company of this kind - London-based "Malcolm Reading Consultants". Project on their site: (People familiar with the field says that MRC is in the organization of architectural competitions equivalent of the BMW in car industry.) This was for the first time in Lithuanian history that the organization of object design was given to so world known company.
And here is the result: the competition was finished yesterday. It was received 146 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) projects. Most of the proposals were from foreigners (I heard that only about 20 projects were proposed by Lithuanian architects). So we need to expect that such quantity will mean quality too.