September 21st, 2016

Migration: economic pros and contras

Migration is one of the most urgent questions in modern European (and American) politics. One of the strongest arguments of the proponents of the more open doors is the fact that migrants are  "profitable" (despite the fact that  this word isn't acceptable here). Is this true ? I very like the next table whch shows that migrants are very different and the "profitability" depends very much from the country:

The data isn't very new but I have the suspicion that trends are the same. This table shows the saldo between the taxes paid by and social benefits received by  migrants and native residents of the country. The red column on the left shows the average saldo of native families, gray in the middle shows the saldo for mixed families while dark red on the right shows saldo of purely migrant families. What we see ? First of all it shows that situation in different countries is very different. E.g. in Switzerland all categories has definitely positive saldo and there are no big difference between migrants and native people. Similar situation is in USA, Norway, UK. In Spain despite saldo is positive both for migrants and local families but migrants provides significantly better saldo than native families. Thats completely different comparing with situation in Denmark and Sweden: despite that saldo is positive too but native people generates much better saldo than migrants (especially true for Sweden). At the other corner is the other group of countries. First of them is Estonia where we see that migrants has negative saldo (it means they are receiving more from Estonian state than giving to it). Even worse is the situation  in France, Germany and Poland. If in Poland there are still very few migrants Germany is the country now having significant migrant population. And we see that on average German family gives 5875 EUR per year more to the state than gets from the state while average migrant family gets 5633 EUR more from German state than giving to the German state... The single country where native people are getting more from that country than giving to it (it means that in fact this country lives from migrants) is Luxembourg.
The conclusion: the migrants are different and the migration politics are not equaly successful.