October 10th, 2016

New star in Lithuanian politics

His name is Gabrielius. His surname is Landsbergis.  This 34 year old politician was able to revive and to lead Conservative party to best electional results for them in 16 years. That was a surprise to me. It does not mean that they will lead the government (definitely the coalition will be necessary and the single party governments are unimaginable thing in this country :) ).

(Photo from 15min.lt)

The interesting fact is his surname: this not a coincidence but Gabrielius is the grandson of Vytautas Landsbergis (in photo Gabrielius is together with his famous grandpa).
Older Landsbergis had very bad for politician characteristic - arogance (I got the impression that even Vytautas Landsbergis father had a lot of conflicts because of arogant character). While Gabrielius probably is the first in Landsbergis family who don't has arogance.  If so he may have even more successful political carrier than his grandpa.  What about the rest - it seems that both grandson and grandfather has very similar political views and attitudes :)