November 12th, 2016

2016 - the outcommes: part 1 - the year of shocking electional results

Now it is clear that the year 2016 will be remembered as the year of shocking electional results. What was difficult to imagine even 1 January 2016 thats happened. There are so many surprises that it is difficult to mention all of them. Among such surprises is also election results in Lithuania: the popularity of the winners - Peasants and Greens union - was below the necessary threshold (5 percent) in January and it was difficult to imagine that they will be the winners (I want to remember that late in February Socialdemocrasts had 19.6% rating, Liberals 14.2%, Conservatives 10.6%, TT - 7.7%, Labour party 7.4% and then for the first time Peasants reached 6% . Then no one could expect that SPD will see stunning defeat, Labours will be out of parliament , Liberals will go down and Peasants will see the biggest single party win in this country since 1996).

But the biggest shocks were Brexit and the win of Donald Trump. In different countries there are a lots of differences but there is at least one common feature: largely these shocks were caused by unprecedented activity of voters from lower and lower-middle classes. Probably many saw the map how voted United States (red - Republicans, blue - Democrats):

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