November 21st, 2016

It should to be blockbuster

Last two weeks here in Kaunas are filmed the main scenes for the new Lithuanian film "Owls mountain". I can't remember so massive filming scenes: 35 days, sometimes closed streets, in some areas even electricity supply interrupted for some periods ... Thats all to try recreate the authentic image of the era: the film is devoted to the heroic and tragic period of our history or war after the war.  The blockbuster type film is about the fights of Lithuanian partisans. Action of the film is in the years 1947-1951. Besides Lihuanian actors several Ukrainian actors are engaged in the filming too:

I found only short trailer with the scenes filmed last winter:

It should be interesting to see. In fact best known film about the perod is the ideologically motivated soviet period "No one wanted to die" (1966) or very cheap "Completely alone" (2001).