January 26th, 2017

I am netting :) Well done :)

Some ideas of Kaunas municipality melts my skepticism. Among them is their recent idea - gift to Vilnius.
The basis is as follows. January 25th is the birthday of Vilnius: on that day in 1323 grand duke Gediminas wrote the letters to the people of Luebeck, Sund, Bremen, Magdeburgh, Cologne, etc. expressing his willingness to establish new town and inviting them to come for trade, crafts, etc. This day is treated as unnofficial birthday of Vilnius.

This year Kaunas decided to give the gift to Vilnius residents on the occassion of the city birthday. The next weekend Vilnius residents will get 10-20% discount in Kaunas restaurants, coffee bars, clubs, etc. :)) (I don't have the idea how the system will work and how you should prove that you are Vilnius resident but anyway)
In Vilnius you can find such congratulations :)

I am netting :) Well done :) The present is made and first of all it is good for the gift giver :)  So still need to come with such an idea :)