April 24th, 2017

Africa and some parts of ex-USSR: what they have in common ?

The question may sound strange. But there is some area of human activities were these regions have very many in common. The next graph shows the list of longest reigning presidents in the world:

Inside you will find the big detailed image of the list. At the front there are several African presidents: Mbasongo of Equatorial Guinea (38 years), dos Santos of Angola (38 years), Mugabe of Zimbabwe (37 years), Biya of Cameroon (35 years), Museweni of Uganda (31 years) and then we will find Nazarbayev of Kazakhstan (27 years), Rahmon of Tajikistan (25 years), not far from them Lukashenko from Belarus (23 years) etc. It is surprisingly that the list is nearly completely filled by the leaders from Africa and parts of ex-USSR (with some minor exceptions). From the list dissapeared leaders of most Asian (Far eastern) and Latin American countries.  But these two regions still form the most notable exceptions on world's political map.
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