June 7th, 2017

It's a time to build a factory

The some global economic shifts are causing one interesting phjenoemna: some of the production facilities are returning back to Europe or European producers are becoming more competitive. In this context such country as Lithuania is also earning: it is hard to believe but now in the design and preparation stage are about 20 factories  (bigger and smaller) in this country. I don't know how many factories are at the construction stage but this is also not very small number too.
There are several very well publicized cases as the decisions made by famous German automotive producer "Hella" and American medical equipment producer "Hollister" to build new multimillion worth factories in Kaunas. I hope that this could be the turning point for Lithuania: for many years Lithuania as other Baltic countries suffered from "European hedges" syndrom: they were simply covered by Poland, Czech Republic or Slovakia. These countries could propose similar working force on a similar conditions but those countries are situated in better geographical position. And it was very difficult to convince business decision makers to go one more step further...
But besides foreign companies some Lithuanian companies are rapidly expanding their activities too. On occassion I decided to prepare report from the place were such shifts could be seen - the area called "Kaunas free economic zone":

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