June 23rd, 2017

The bottom

This is probably the bottom of moral degradation of countries political system.
The original of this veideo - the work of American attack helicopter against Taliban fighters in Afghanistan - I saw at least 4 years ago. It was really an impressive demonstration of modern advanced military technology. I saw it long before recent political turmoils in Europe. Originally it was published by the US central command (centcom).
Few days ago I was surprised that this video again became part of international scandal. Of course Oliver Stone is gifted and controversial director probably disliked by many American politicians. Everyone can have own attitude towards the newest crreation of this director.  But it is undeniable that the film is full of anti-US, anti-NATO and anti-Western sentiments author of which is current president of Russia. And in this context the same guy is presenting the same video as the bombing of Russian aviation  of jihadists in Syria... The case really is analog-free ('ne imeet analogov v mire")...

There were various denials but on these denials I can say only one thing: do you really are thinking we are idiots ? But anyway: as few weeks wrote American political scientist Ian Bremmer "Volatility is for democracies" and illustrated his claim with the next chart:

This really explains well phenomena known as the mass hypnosis: the leader may do what he wants but the crowds will cry "Heil mein Fuehrer"  anyway ...