July 7th, 2017

Events and events and events

Our village really becoming more and more global place. Some time ago I wrote about one weekend when we had occassion to host one world's and two European championships. Last weekend we were hosts of Euroepan junior judo championships with  more than 400 participants. But this week we are seeing even bigger event: In Kaunas are held International children games sometimes called Children olympic games (sportsmen are between 12-16 years of age). Kaunas is the first city not only in the Baltics but also in Scandinavia hosting such event: more than 1600 participants from 90 cities of the world (children are representing cities not only countries) from all continents taking part in various competitions. It is nice to see so many young people in your city :) They are seen almost everywhere :)

Today I decided to spend roughly 20 minutes and to make several photos on occassion. These children (to be more precise teenagers) are seen in vary many places of the city. In the Baranasuko street I met a group of boys and girls with the T-shirts with the word "Lausanne". But most of them you could meet near sporting venues:

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