September 8th, 2017

Its a time to build .... the kindergarten

It was periods when kindergartens were closed here quite massively: it seemed that such enterprises became obsolete thing. This trend caused significant problem: accute shortage of kindergartens or any other similar enterprises that could do one simple thing - to enable mothers to return back to work. In principle the neccessity to make a compromise between the carreer and maternity but not the lack of financial support is the main factor causing low (to say precisely - too low) birth rates in most of the modern European societies.

Many young families here felt this problem particularly sharp: 8-10 and even 3-4 years ago this problem was very urgent. Luckily in recent two years 8-9 kindergartens were buiilt or reconstructed and extended here (of course mainly in the rapidly growing suburbs). Among the newly built kindergartens are municipal as well as private kindergartens. The problem became significantly easier now. In this report two such kindergartens:

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