October 10th, 2017

One more reason to be proud

American organization Freedom House each year releases their annual reports about state of the freedom in the world (https://freedomhouse.org/report/fiw-2017-table-country-scores). They are trying to evaluate the level of political democracy, freedom of press and expression, indepedence of courts and municipalities, efficiency of separation of power branches and many other factors. Countries are getting scores from 0 (worst case) to 100 (best case). Despite that such rankings are slightly subjective they generaly expresses well overall situation in the country. E.g. this year only 3 countries in the world - Sweden, Finland and Norway - got the best score - 100. (Canada and Netherlands got the score 99). Syria got special score -1 (even below zero). But for us another factor was more important.

In the year 2017 Lithuania got the score 91. This is really good result. This result is slightly better than the scores given to such countries as France, Italy, Greece, Israel. This  is better than the situation in Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. But even more important is the fact that American organization Freedom House for the first time gave Lithuania score higher than gave to the United States of America :)

Who in the year 1992 (especially among American citizens) may think that 25 years later Lithuania and Estonia in this ranking will surpass the United States even in the eyes of American think tanks  ...  Miracles sometimes happen. :)