November 17th, 2017

Creativity :)

Sorry for the bad quality of photos. But they were made while driving through the window and in the evening. Yesterday my attention took the car in front of me with such record:

"Made in Germany. Modificated in Pofka garage". Strange why the name Pofka has been used but the idea is quite right: many our cars are really modificated in local garages :) But this time one more oddity I observed too: that "Made in Germany" car in fact is "Škoda Octavia" :))
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Good European shopping center: modern understanding

Each year in French Riviera resort Cannes International Council of Shopping Centers is announcing the best shopping centers in Europe (and worldwide) that year. This year they too anounced 15 finalists among European shopping centers in the year 2017. So I collected various photos from Internet how good European shopping center looks. Or is in modern understanding:

So please look and sometimes even get some pleasure :)
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