November 24th, 2017

House of town's executioner and other findings

In recent years the reconstructions and constructions were significantly intensified in Kaunas old town. This made more job for the archeologists too. Consequently many new findings were done. E.g. last summer at the place of the future Basketball house were found remains of ceramical pots which are about 1500-1800 years old. It means that area at the confluence of two rivers was attractive for the ancient peoples to make the camps or to stay for a longer periods. There were never found so old remains in our Old town before.

At the same place were made not so important findings - remains of former residential house from late XVIIth century :) (photo from

Last week was especially fruitfull for archeologists. They made (intensionaly and not) several important findings. I too witnessed some unusual activities: walking near some of the reconstructions in the old town I saw many people who aren't similar to the construction workers :) So something in more details.

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