January 7th, 2021

Two facts about 2020

Today two more facts about the past year - 2020. Today not about tragedies but about the opportunities (remember that Chinese are using hierogliph meaning opportunity in the word crisis). So these two facts are from Germany and Norway.

First from Germany. Thats happened. In the year 2020 for the first time in modern industrial history Germany generated more than half the electricity consumed in this country from renewable sources. To be precise - 50,5 percent (27% wind,  10.5% solar, 9.3% biomass, 3.7% hydro). For the first time in industrial history major industrial power and the country that has no favourable natural conditions achieved what just 10 years ago seemed simply science fiction:

Another news came from Norway. This fact also makes history:

 Norway in 2020, Germany in 2025 (?) , Lithuania in 2033 (?). Anyway the general trend is clear.