May 3rd, 2021

Economic growth in 2021 or how Lithuania saves the world :)

Last week we got final confirmation of one nice message: despite the numerous restrictions still active in the first quarter countries economy was able to grow by 1.8 percent. But  this fact hides one very important detail: half (sic!) of the growth has been generated by single company. The name of this company is ThermoFisher Scientific Baltics. The company is part of American biotechnology company ThermoFisher Scientific. When  you hear the words biotechnology company these days almost inevitably you are starting to think that they are related with the most desirable product in the world in 2021 - the vacccines against COVID19. And you will be right: yes, they area:

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Science fiction in practice

Of course military technologies were always among most advanced areas of human creativity. Also it is well known fact that British marines and especially British special forces such as Special Air Service or Special Boat Service are among the best warriors in the world. And they are exceptionally well equiped. But in any case the flying soldier looks really impressive.