May 20th, 2021

Something we are close to

Today Johns Hopkins University started to show next data about vaccination progress in Lithuania. For the first time we see numbers that are bigger than 50:

This means that with every passing day we are closer and closer to the new situation. Last year when pandemic started UK prime minister Boris Johnson accidentaly popularized new term. This term is used in epidemiologist and medical communities and the term has been obviously told to him  by his scientific advisers. This term is herd immunity.
Viruses as any other living spieces has limited lifespan. During this period virus needs to produce offsprings. But to do this it needs to find the environment to live and to produce those offsprings. This environment is our body. But our bodies fight against those allien viruses and in time they are adapting to be able to kill virus (in the worst case vice versa could be true also - virus can kill us ...). One of the ways to train our bodies to kill viruses is to be vaccinated against them. When in community (as human society is) there are very many immune members virus faces situation when it is very difficult to find the environment were it can live. And then virus is starting to die without being able to produce offsprings. Such situation is called herd immunity.
It is widely speculated how much members in the community needs to be immune to achieve the herd immunity. The more the better of course. But it is largely accepted that when the number of immune people reaches 65-70 percent the process of virus dissapearance starts. So we are very close to the new situation: herd immunity to Sars-Cov-2. One day in June we obviously will reach this situation. With the herd immunity all of us :)