June 18th, 2021

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When the situation with the vaccination is improved drastically in Europe (as well as the US) the flow of vaccines to other regions is starting too. Surprisingly or not but the Baltic states are among the world leaders in this play :)
Yesterday bold move made Estonia: this country is donating 900 thousand jabs to the countries in need. The vast majority of vaccines will go to the eastern partnership countries (500 thousand doses) while remaining 400 thousand doses will go to the UN.

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia got special attention from Estonia. Ukraine will get 200 thousand doses:

Moldova and Georgia will get 100 thousand doses each:

Armenia and Azerbaijan will get 50 thousand doses vaccines each from Estonia.
Lithuania still remains with 200 thousand doses donated (100 thousand to Ukraine ,  15thousand to Moldova and Georgia each while the recipients of 70 thousand weren't decided at a moment of donation) but made this very early: at the begining of May:

Lithuania will donate 200,000 COVID-19 vaccine shots to its eastern European neighbours including 100,000 to Ukraine, the government said on Friday.

Only later US donated 25 million doses, EU agreed to donate 100 million doses (75 million doses Germany, France and Germany alone), etc. And whats about the country of origin of this disaster and the candidate for the status of superpower - China ? This country donated less than 23 million doses or nearly 50 times less per capita than Estonia or about 15 times per capita less than EU.