August 2nd, 2021

First bigger riots and first reactions

Today was very rainy day here. And this was the trigger which ignited first bigger riots among those illegal immigrants that are arriving each day from Belarus. Likely for the first time from the start of the crisis they felt that in fact they arrived to the northern country. And some of them started riots shouting "Freedom, freedom, freedom", "Put us to hotels" (sic!), "We are also humans"., etc. The riots were soon suppressed:

Some were able to flee but were soon arrested:

This sparked on important decision: from now Lithuanian border police and army can use the force to return back all illegally passing the border immigrants back to the Belarus. If they want to ask the refuge they must come to the legal border crossing points or Lithuanian embassy in Minsk (now with one single employee). But at the same time authorities stated that Belarus isn't war zone and first of all they need to ask the refuge in Belarus if they really need the refuge.