September 1st, 2021

Companies paying highest salaries in Lithuania: new shining stars from Belarus

Few weeks ago State tax inspection and Creditinfo company published the list of companies in Lithuania that had highest average salaries in Lithuania in July 2021. Not surprisingly that most of the companies with highest salaries has relatively small number of eemployees. But surprisingly that among Top10 companies are two completely new companies that are operating in the country for less than a year. In fact these are not new comopanies but both companies are new arrivals from Belarus: they relocated some of their activities from neighbouring country here. The Top10 companies with highest salaries you can see in the table:

Loiter bioimunologijos servisas is a small biotech company lab that sells and makes materials for pharma industry and healthcare and likely pandemic was the very good time for them. Transocean is also not big logistic company. Surprisingly good start for Gurtam: they are in the third position. Gurtam is software company from Belarus. In that country they have about 300 employees. In Lithuania they have 24 employees but among them are top managers of the company. They likely arrived looking for a safer place this year ... Another newcommer from Belarus is Melsoft LT. Offically they are also offspring of Belarusian software producer Melsoft Games but also majority of the companies top managers relocated here from Belarus. And also looking for a safer place ...