September 16th, 2021

This becomes hot

For how long we will be on such track ? This becomes hot and interesting. Today was officially announced that during first 8 months of the year record number of foreigners (these are foreigners from non-EU countries) received work permits in Lithuania. The number of such people was 17299. About 9000 people got work permits during summer months alone. The number of such people may surpass 25000 till the end of the year. This number is 4,1 times higher than in 2020. The comparison not very correct since in pandemic 2020 as in the first months of 2021 the number of work permits issued dropped down significantly but anyway this number is all time record.
Additionally schools in this country unexpectedly received about 1000 new children: these are children of evacuated Afghans and children of Iraqi kurds that started to attend the schools in the country.
Not so widely known fact is that as early as 2019 Lithuania was among top 7 EU countries by number of immigrants per capita:

I think this year we will be even higher in this ranking.

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