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One more new monument in Lithuania

In a continuation of previous topic.
Rusne is a small fisherman's and peasant's township at the delta of Nemunas river. Being exotic in Lithuanian context due to its geographic location it is otherwise sleepy place which becames more lively only due warm summer days (http://vyrud.livejournal.com/118009.html?thread=318201). Historically it belonged to the Klaipeda land and hence to the Prussia and Germany for very long time. And in this small township few days ago was opened new monument for two men. One of them is really world known person - Mahatma Gandhi. The second one is less known but Mahatma probably would not become such world known figure and the world history may have slightly different turn if not this man - native of Rusne Hermann Kallenbach.

Hermann Kallenbach grown up in Rusne. Then studied architecture in Munich and Stuttgart. Later he emigrated to South Africa. He became rather succesfull architect and businesman in this country. He met Mahatma Gandhi in South Africa in 1906. They became very close friends. Kallenbach helped Mahatma to develop his ideology and what is also very important became one of the most important Gandhi sponsors. So local authorities together with Jewish organizations (H. Kallenbach was litvak - Jew from historical Lithuania) decided  to build monument to two friends. This monument has the potential to become most famous monument in Lithuania in India :)

(Photos from lrytas.lt)

India sent representative to the ceremony - minister of agriculture of India:

There are more and more students from India in this country (e.g. today I saw to of them near my home :))) To the ceremony also arrived grandgrandson of Mahatma Gadhi - Tushar Gandhi. Since Mahatma is God-like figure in India it was good opportunity for some of them to take a photo with descendant of the legend: )

Two friends on the bank of Nemunas river:


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