vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Then and now, part 2

This is my second part of the report how various parts of Kaunas old town looked few decades ago and how these places looks today. Nearly all old photos I took from autc.lt site (kaunosenamiestis.autc.lt). New photos are my own.

This is one of the iconic views of our old town:

Next photo shows how this place looked in 1967:

For the comparison photocard from 1930s (my parents has the original of this photocard):

Modern look is significantly more medieval:

View to the right in 1970s:

Now this place looks like this:

Next photo will be surprsing too. Heart of Kaunas old town - Vilnius street - in 1983:

Now this place looks next: (to be more precise - the are in perspective) )))

Some other photos of this neighborhoud in 1970s- early 1980s and now:

In 1983:

And now:

Not all places survived so radical changes (photos from 1974 and 2016):

Corner of the Town Hall square:

In 1961 here was petrol station: )))

Former austerium in 1983:

In 2006 it still looked like this:

Modern view:)

The Daugirdo street area in 198ų-1988:

Modern view:


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