vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

They started to arrive

Few days ago I saw those sevetal planes arriving to Kaunas airport. I saw that they aren't regular passenger flights but later I found that they carried the first group of German soldiers (probably engineers and some supportive personal). In a month well publicized NATO batallion (to be more precise - battalion tactical battle group; about  1200 soldiers and officers) will start their service:

The group will consist mainly from German military personal but there will be Dutch, Belgian, Norwegian and even Albanian soldiers. And the Belgians were the first who started to arrive one week earlier:

On ocassion this country visited (including Rukla base) the commander-in-chief of German land forces (Kommando Heeres) Lieutenant General Joerg Vollmer. He signed the agreement of cooperation between the Lithuanian and German armies and the documents about the integration of German led international battle group into Lithuanian armed forces. Probably for the first time in modern history we will have international military unit incorporated into Lithuanian armed foirces :)

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