vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Inventiveness: what women wants :)

In recent years we see significantly increased level of activity on the real estate marked (resembling even the years 2005-2008). This means larger number of projects under development as well as  the tougher competition on the market. This requires higher inventiveness among the evelopers wishing to attract the customers. I am for the first time seeing the residential quarter with the name "What women wants" :)

At moment this area still looks like this:

I tried to come closer and to see what women wants :)

Still the project is at the active stage of development but it seems that women has good taste and knows what to wish :)

It was hard thing to make photos since area open to walk is very limited:

The name of the quarter:

So lets turn to the visualizations from the developer site. The quarter is advertised under the slogan "Happy woman - happy family":

The place were quarter is situated:

Lets hope that women will be reallly happy in this quarter. While the developers deserves encouragemnet for really non-trivial name of the quarter :)

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