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Good European shopping center: modern understanding

Each year in French Riviera resort Cannes International Council of Shopping Centers is announcing the best shopping centers in Europe (and worldwide) that year. This year they too anounced 15 finalists among European shopping centers in the year 2017. So I collected various photos from Internet how good European shopping center looks. Or is in modern understanding:

So please look and sometimes even get some pleasure :)

This competition do not attracted attention in our country: none of the Lithuanian shopping centers still don't get any attention from this council. But the attention increased last year when among 15 finalists of the year 2016 was shopping center "Uelemiste" in Tallinn (this is painfull place for many Lithuanians - "ooh again those Estonians are getting distinction while we not" :)))

So this is last year finalist - "Uelemiste" from Tallinn:

The winner of the year 2016 was "Markthall" shopping center in Rotterdam, Netherlands. This is truely masterpiece:

And now lets go to the finalists of the year 2017. Among them is "Westfield Stratford City" center in London:

"Hoogh Catharijne" shopping center in Dutch city Utrecht:

"Westquay South" shopping center in Southhampton, England:

"Val d'Europe" shopping center in Paris suburb Serf:

"Plus City" shopping center in Austrian town Traun (which in fact is part of Linz metropolitan area):

There are several finalists representing eastern part of the continent.  "Forum Poprad" shopping center in northern Slovakian town Poprad:

"Posnania" shopping center in Polish city Poznan:

Or really impressive center "Park Lake" in Bucharest, Romania:

Interesting and impresssive "Docks Bruxelles" shopping center in Brussels:

"Rive Gauche" center in another Belgian town Charleroi:

Each year competition has finalists from Turkey. Among several finalists of the year 2017 the most impressive is "Izmir Optimum" center in the city Izmir:

But my absolute favourite is "Victoria Gate" shopping center in English city Leeds. Yuumm ...


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