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One of the most nice things that I am observing in recent years here is the reconstruction of some older houses in the central part of this city. It could be said that some of those buildings are making their second comebacks. One such comeback is the new apartment building "Gedimino46". For many years this building was left abandoned. It was pain to see it left abandoned beacuse it is characteristic representative of our glory period - modernism  of 1930s:

This building was first built in 1856. Initially it was used as a residential house. Later it was used as the tobacco factory. In 1928 the building has been bought by "Varpas" typography and since then till late 1980s it was used for the printing purposes. In 1938 "Varpas" became part of bigger "Raide" typography and the building has been significantly reconstructed. It was 1938 when it got characteristic modernistic look. Once among the major typographies "Raide" gradually lost importance: in 1980s it printed only tickets to cinema and various posters and placards. Probably late in 1980s it was completely closed. Early in 2000s Finnish company "Finnkino" had the plans to reconstruct the building to modern cinema (it would the first modern cinema if realized) but later they changed their plans. So only in 2015 some reconstruction activities were started. Finally we see the result: former typography got the initial mission - to be residential building.

The view from 2012 - how it looked in last 10-15 years:

Very good thing that nearby building - very important building since it is probably the first representative of modernistic architecture from the years 1923-1924 - is under renovation too :)))

But if in this case we still need to wait for the results the neighbor now is ready to show its new face :

In the yard it got new additional block at the place when various depots once stood:

Not bad :)

Surprisingly realzation is very close to the original renders. So we can simply look at them:

Yes, we can if we want :)

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