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Our beautifications 2017, part 1

The end of the year is the time to summarize whats happened here this ye\\ar. Luckily we were one more year in a row when we can see obvious changes in the central part of the city: lots of reconstructions and simply making order. I will be unable to put all important reconstructions in single post so today is the first part only:

Lets start from the old town. Some changes that I observed not far from the very heart of the old town. E.g. this not very bad looking house on Valanciaus street from Google Street View in 2012:

Few weeks ago I found it with new "dress":

Slowly going reconstruction of "Knights residence"- views from 2012 and now. Definitely not finished but progress seen:

Next house in Vilniaus street under restauration now. We waited for so many years :))

One more pleasnt view in this street:

Recently repainted house in Dauksos street:

I hope that restauration of the fence of the Benedictine cloister is only the first step :)

This house in St. Gerthrude street desperately needed attention. But we still need to wait for the results:

The reconstruction in Gruodzio street which is hard to observe 2012 - 2017:

One more building in the reviving quarter between Karaliaus Mindaugo and Nemouno streets. Such view is especially pleasant to mee:

Now lets go to the downtown. Still we need to wait for the results in many places:

Finally activities started at the XIXth century hotel "Central". Views from 2012 and 2017:

Its neighbor in 2012 and now - rather cheap but not very bad:

Here too we need still to wait for the final results in many places:

This smaller old house in Mickeviciaus street underwent full reconstruction (it was in my 2016 reports):

But this reconstruction is doubtfull ... Definite problems with colors in my opinion:

This house on Kestucio and Gedimino crossroad was among the last reconstructed houses in old era (in 1989-1990). The changing situation left then it not fully finished (view in 2012):

Then probabl;y no one expected that in will require 27 years to finish the exterior. But the result isn't perfect - definitely too gray:

On the other side on this street you can find provincial XIXth century building (in principle there are many such houses in that part of Gedimino street). It too needed  attention and the results are better. View from 2012:

Views from 2017:

One less important house in Kestucios street which was significantly reconstructed around 2005 this year got smaller repairs:

House in Vasario 16 street:

This nearby house on Donelaicio street now is under reconstruction. Lets wait for the results:

I am especially happy seeing reconstructions in the inner parts of the quarters:

This former military telegraph building was largely reconstructed last year. Initially it should be red combined with white but it seems that only white color remained ...

Reconstructions in Putvinskio street makes me particualrly happy. In principle this street is open air museum of modernistic architecture. Here is probably the highest concentration of buildings with the mark "European heritage label": from about 60 such buildings in this city (it makes me proud to see the marks on many buildings here the says that this is building of all European importance :)) ) about 12 are on this street. One of them in 2012:

Views from 2017:

Another one:

The next one:

Two neighbors: both with European heritage labels:

Finally one more nice observation:

This report will be continued of course :)


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