vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Cryptocurrencies superpower :)

Cryptocurrencies are todays bubble. But with each bubble there are those who successfully exploits situation and those who are loosing. As usually - winners and loosers. One of the ways to exploit the situation is to attract the money for the new cryptocurrency development via ICO (initial coin offerings). This year the situation in this very specific market looks next: how much money attracted companies from various countries via ICO. And here we see definite surprises :) So the top 10 countries in the world this year:

1. USA  788 mln. USD
2. China 265 mln. USD
3. Lithuania 249 mln. USD
4. Switzerland 230 mln. USD
5. Singapore 141 mln. USD
6. Hong Kong 132 mln. USD
7. UK 130 mln. USD
8. Gibraltar 78 mln. USD
9. Canada 78 mln. USD
10. Russia 74 mln. USD

So miraculously 1/4 billion USD flown into this country in the first quarter of this year. Oh that modern financial world ... If we will continue this way we will become next Switzeralnd one day :) (I am sceptical about cryptocurrencies and I think that this is only short term bubble).

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