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One more step to recognition: Kaunas Vienybes aikštė reconstruction - best Urban Space project 2019!

One of the most important squares in Kaunas - Vienybes square  (in principal central square) - is still under reconstruction (finish planned in the middle of 2019). But the project started to gain international recognition: for the first time in Lithuanian history and in one of the very few cases for whole CEE region this project got one of the most prestigious awards in the world: German Design Council named it as best project in the world in the category  Excellent Design in Urban Space and Infrastructure 2019 !!!
One more step to the international recognition. One more (and huge) step out of the province :)

German Design Council Awards is among the most prestigious design awards in the world for architects and designers.  Its prestige shown by the number of participants: this year more than 5400 objects has been submitted to the competition. International jury consisted of about 50 top level professionals from all over the world.

And in the category Excellent Design in Urban Space and Infrastructure 2019 as  the winner has been proclaimed the reconstruction project of Vienybes square in Kaunas. This happened for the first time in Lithuanian history and is one of the very few cases for whole CEE region. (https://www.german-design-award.com/en/the-winners/gallery/detail/24591-v-plaza.html)

Presenting their project authors stated: " In Kaunas, the second largest city of Lithuania, 3deluxe realises the redesign of the central Vienybes Square and several enclosed buildings and façades. An exciting assignment, since different architectural elements like Bauhaus, Art Déco and the Soviet brutalism must be connected with the positive spirit of the young dynamic generation of Lithuania."

And here is jury statement: "This design integrates the disparate architectural styles of the original structure into an extremely modern design – one that’s bright, congenial and inviting and that promotes outstanding residential-living quality in all enclosed and open areas."

And here we need do not forget: 4 years ago Kaunas has been awarded the title - UNESCO Design city. It seems that city proves to be proud holder of the title :)
Here several more visualizations of the project that makes history in this country:

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