vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Simply Kyiv

Several weeks ago I visited Ukraine for the first time in my life. I started from capital city - Kiev. Quite natural solution :)

In this report few words but many photos :)

I was in Kiev on nice days:  spring is amazing time in this country. Another amazing thing was related with current political situation: being Lithuanian national gives significant advantages in modern Ukraine :) In hotel, in companies and shops people became particularly friendly when I replied to their question: where are you from ? I even got the permission to make photos in church where usually making photos is prohibited ... (churchman initially showed the sign that filming is prohibited, then asked where are you from ? and then told :you can: ,,,). And the third thing: Kiev is simply amazing city :)

So simply Kyiv. I lived in this district few houses away:

Not this one but Puzata Khata was one of my favourite places to eat:

Streets of Kiev:

Monuments of Kiev: many of them are heritage of the past and represents events and figures in Ukrainian history with different and opposing views:


Country between East and West:

Great but painful history:

New KIev:

Growing city:

This place we can call new symbol of Kiev:

My compatriots signs:

Political center of big country:

Sort of symbol too:

And simply interesting and nice city:


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