vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

I've been vaccinated :)

Today I made my first step back to freedom :) To the life as it was before Mrch 2020. I has been vaccinated by AstraZeneca vaccine. In principle under initial plans I was planned to be vaccinated later. But in recent weeks this country received significantly larger shipments of vaccines (last week alone country received almost 150 thousand doses of vaccines and next Monday the shipment with 45 thousand additional doses is arriving) and this  made situation different. Since many people still are afraid of AstraZeneca vaccine and are ready to wait for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines while I don't have particular preferencies for the type of vaccine  I was invited to Vaccination center. And made my first step back to the normal life :)

So with about 20 percent of countries population vaccinated with at least one dose situation gradually become less tense. And the situation allows to show solidarity. Yesterday 24 European countries reallocated vaccines and made the changes to the shipments schedule. Latvia and Estonia will get additional shipments. Latvia was in very unfavourable situation because this country ordered very many AstraZeneca vaccine doses while this supplier used to be very unreliable supplier in the initial stage. So Latvia has one of the lowest percent of vaccinated people in Europe. Estonia vaccinates succesfully but in recent months this country faces particularly harsh wave of epidemic. So these countries are among those countries that will get more doses in the coming weeks and they will return back them later. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Eva - Maria Liimets posted next tweet:

And you know always it is more pleasant to be donor than to be  recipient . Then you are feeling special sort of pride :)

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