vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

Ques of 2021

Life is interesting phenomena. In recent days in some places in Lithuania you can see huge ques. The problem is especially acute in Vilnius and Klaipeda. See to  this que in Vilnius:

So what these people are waiting  for ?

They are waiting to be vaccinated :)
The most popular products of  2021 are Comirnaty, Vaxzevria and similar strange names. See how many people in Vilnius are waiting to get them::)

And here is Klaipeda:

It seems it was wise solution to allocate the big area - newly built Ice arena - in Kaunas. Here ques are significantly smaller. Such approach is already copied in some other towns (e.g. in Panevezys), And soon will be copied in Vilnius too (Litexpo exhibition center will soon be converted to the Vaccination center).
So slowly but steadily the day when we will be able to say "Corona good bye!" is coming.

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