vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

52, 20. How much this night ?

Lukashenko regime plays strange and odd games. The  numbers in the name means the number of people illegaly crossing Belarusian- Lithuanian border each recent night and immediatelly asking political assylum. Being weak immitator the regime is trying to organize new refugee crisis. But it is very unlikely that the regime will be able to organize something serious.

One very interesting observation is that among them there are no (or very very few) Belarusian citizens. Likely the regime is trying to keep own citizens out of this organized game and prevent them from passing the border. E.g., among 20 illegals that tried to cross the border last night there were 11 citizens of Russia, 4 citizens of Tajikistan,  2 citizens of Egypt, 1 citizen of Iraq while the citizenship of two more illegals still wasn't defined.  

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