vyrud (vyrud) wrote,

How what happened 100 million years ago determines the election results in 2020

This report may look strange but when I saw these results I was really impressed. Many people heard about so called butterfly effect. This effect could be visible in various forms. So here is the map of the United States:

The red area is state of Alabama. One of the southern American states. This state is quite close to the Gulf of Mexico and even in one area this state reaches this gulf. But about 100 million years ago the coastline looked completely different. And surprisingly this had the impact to the results of US Presidential elections in 2020...

Where the coastline was 100 million years ago you can see on the next geological map:

And now lets look how different counties of Alabama voted in US Presidential elections in 2020: red - the counties which voted for Donald Trumo while blue are those which voted for Joe Biden:

For Biden voted the residents of the coastline. But not modern coastline but the coastline that existed 100 million years ago !!!!!

It seems nonsense but this phenomena has logical explanation. The ancient coastline has more fertile soil and bigger farms:

And many years ago these areas had more slaves and today has more black people living here. This fact of course predefined the election results but they are so due to the coastline that existed 100 million years ago :)

True butterfly effect :)

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